First Balcony Brunch of the Season

Pop, Sip, Sparkle!

Brunch: that perfect meal that’s not too early, not too late. Nothing is off the menu when it comes to serving a great brunch. It combines your favourite breakfast items with the best of lunch. Whether you’re celebrating an occasion or having an everyday moment, bubbles make it extra special.

brunch with a glass of champagne

There’s a Wine for Every Occasion

It’s official – Spring is here. However you’re welcoming the warm-weather season, there’s a wine to suit the occasion, the activity and the foods you love!

Cabernet Franc

Consider this light to medium-bodied wine, with its raspberry, black currant, bell pepper, tobacco and violet flavours, a great food wine. A child of Cab Sauv, it’s versatile and balanced but lighter in colour and tannins than that big bold red parent.


Notes and flavours of lemon and lime, apple, peach, white flowers and petrol dominate – this is one seriously aromatic wine! It can range from dry to sweet too.

Tip: Match dry styles with rich dishes, while sweeter Rieslings are delicious with both spicy foods and desserts.


Sparkling wine comes in a wide range of styles, from dry and crisp to off-dry, fruity and floral. Its typical flavours – citrus, apple, vanilla, toast and nuttiness – also mean there’s a bubbly for every occasion, palate and personality.


Rosé is a genre of wine like red or white, and colour-wise, it runs form pale blush to salmon-pink. (FYI, it’s contact with grape skins that gives the rosy hue.) Ranging from dry to slightly sweet (off-dry), there’s a pink to suit every taste, occasion and personality.

Great Wine, Great Food!

The smell of coffee and bacon… a beautifully poached egg and fluffy pancakes dripping in maple syrup. Who doesn’t love a delicious brunch? Slow down, enjoy the moment, and toast with your favourite wine! Here are some perfect food and wine pairings to try:

 pancakes with blueberries

Riesling + Pancakes

Thanks to its sweetness, Riesling is a go-to for dessert but it’s an excellent brunch choice, too. Serve it with a stack of pancakes topped with juicy berries and a dollop of cream.

 shaksuka with poached eggs

Cabernet Franc + Shakshuka

For high acidity varietals, like Cabernet Franc, tomato-based dishes or barbecue are the perfect pairings! Think shakshuka with poached eggs in a flavourful sauce of tomatoes, peppers, and onions.

 avocado toast with sunny side up egg

Sparkling + Eggs & Avocado Toast

For a classic pairing, enjoy a glass of bubbly with avocado toast and your favourite style of eggs. The mouth-watering acidity and bubbles cut through the fattiness of this dish perfectly for a sparkling combination!

 french toast with syrup

Rosé + French Toast

If your dream brunch features French toast or fresh croissants, a glass of Rosé alongside will elevate the whole experience. And why not? Weekend brunch is exactly the occasion that calls for a small indulgence.

Tips & Tricks

  • Prep it ahead of time

    Prepare some of your dishes the night before, like a big fruit salad, sandwiches, veggie platter, and pancake batter. One-pot dishes are always super helpful when feeding larger crowds. Think savoury frittatas or a sweet French toast bake!

  • Include items that work at room-temperature

    Throwing together a brunch should be fun! Last thing you want to worry about is your food getting cold, so we suggest having both hot and room temperatures dishes. Try assorted tea sandwiches, banana bread, croissants, or caprese salad skewers!

  • Dress it up!

    Have fun with your brunch table. You can pick a theme or have a colour scheme, add fresh flowers, colourful napkins, play around with décor, patterns, and textures. From layered table settings and linen table clothes to intricate glassware.

  • Make your brunch sparkle!

    Set up a mini DIY mimosa table where guests can serve themselves. Put a couple of bottles of bubbly on ice; add a few different juice options, fruit to garnish, and glassware, so everything is ready to go. Simply pop, sip and enjoy!

  • Create a seasonal menu

    Choose ingredients in your dishes based on what’s in season. For spring, there’s mushroom, onions, potatoes, apples, and rhubarb. Seasonal summer ingredients include cucumber, corn, peppers, blueberries, and strawberries. There are plenty of delicious options to enjoy!

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