Binge-watching your Favourite TV Show

Wine & Chill!

Let’s be real… binge watching doesn’t require much effort. You start by picking a show, ordering food, then inviting friends over. Why not make it an event to remember? Kick the occasion up a notch by creating a whole binge watching experience, starting with a tasty potluck and wines to match!

a couple enjoying wine while watching television

There’s a Wine for Every Occasion

It’s official – Spring is here. However you’re welcoming the warm-weather season, there’s a wine to suit the occasion, the activity and the foods you love!

Cabernet Sauvignon

Taste flavours of blackberry, black cherry and plum in this red wine classic. This is a big, rich, full-bodied red wine, so expect satisfying tannins and acidity as part of the wine-loving experience.

Sauvignon Blanc

This light-bodied wine is a true fan favourite with typical flavours of lime and grapefruit, melon and peach, plus its signature “green” grassiness. Bright and crisp, it suits herb-loving dishes, from chicken to pasta and everything in-between.


Rosé is a genre of wine like red or white, and colour-wise, it runs form pale blush to salmon-pink. (FYI, it’s contact with grape skins that gives the rosy hue.) Ranging from dry to slightly sweet (off-dry), there’s a pink to suit every taste, occasion and personality.


Plum, currant and cherry flavours are typical of this silky, medium-bodied red. It can range from velvety and fruity to rich and oaky, so there’s a Merlot to suit all palates – and occasions.

Great Wine, Great Food!

Once you’ve decided on what show to watch - comedy, suspense, murder- mysterious, thriller - now comes the fun part: selecting your favourite wines to enjoy with an epic spread. Here are some perfect food and wine pairings to try:

 smoked meat charchuterie board

Cab Sauvignon + Smoked Meat Charcuterie

Salty charcuterie longs for this type of bold, high-acid wine. The salt will help curb the acidity of this classic varietal, allowing for its beautiful aromatics and fruity flavours to shine through!

 sushi rolls

Sauv Blanc + Sushi

Light wines go with light dishes. Think takeout vegetarian, tuna, or salmon sushi rolls. The perfect after dinner snack? Salty or vinegar-based otato chips, are the perfect pair to this fresh varietal.


Merlot + Chocolate

Merlot is a fan-favourite, with flavours of black cherry, supple tannins, and a chocolaty finish. A super versatile wine, it pairs with a variety of foods especially chocolate!


Rosé + Burritos

An off-dry or sweeter rosé is a treat when paired with spice or barbecue. Try a fully loaded burrito with jalapeno peppers, refried beans, sour cream, salsa, and cheese in a soft shell.

Tips & Tricks

  • Set your itinerary

    What are you watching? For how long? Movies versus television shows? These questions are important to consider as they set the stage for a successful night ahead. Figure out what you’re in the mood for and let the fun begin!

  • Plan your snacks

    Take a break! Between binge watching, don’t forget to feed yourself. Make it a fun potluck with friends or order take out. Have some sweet and salty snacks on hand, like an assortment of chocolate bars, popcorn, healthy options too!

  • Get refreshments ready!

    For a perfect pairing, have a red and white wine, preferably something new you haven’t tried yet! Now’s the time to be adventurous. We have a wide selection of wine to help. Have non-alcoholic options on hand as well!

  • Make it an event

    You’ve put in all this effort so far with choosing the right shows or movies, wine, and food... why not rent a projector for a BIG screen experience at-home. Just set it up across from a blank wall and enjoy!

  • A comfy spot for everyone

    Bring in extra pillows, cozy blankets and additional seating from around your home – even some fun bean bag chairs! Comfort is key when you’ve got a long list of movies and shows to binge.